Pledge Lvl # Years Per Year Per Month
$50,000 5 $10,000 $833
25,000 5 5,000 417
15,000 3 5,000 417
10,000 3 3,333 278
6,000 3 2,000 167
6,000 5 1,200 100
5,000 3 1,667 139
5,000 5 1,000 83
3,000 3 1,000 83
3,000 5 600 50
1,000 3 333 28
1,000 5 200 17
500 3 167 14
500 5 100 8

Please give what you feel is right for you. Every little bit counts, especially if we all pull together. Let's aim for every parishioner to get involved & give!

A full 100%. A small (2.5% max) goes towards running the campaign, while the rest all goes towards our campaign projects.

While we raised $1.46 Million in pledges for the Living Our Mission (LOM) Campaign, we did not reach our goal & only collected a portion of that pledged amount. Of the $1.15 Million that has been collected, St. Gregory's only received $382,000 with our 33% cut.

LOM Income Breakdown

Data as of Feb. 1, 2019.

We have collected enough money to complete 3 of the 4 LOM parish projects.

We (1) upgraded our parking lot lighting, (2) created a Youth & Young Adult Ministries Endowment, & are currently taking steps to (3) renovate the office into a Welcome Center.

Find more info here.

If we do not meet our goal, we will unfortunately be unable to complete some of our needed repairs.

If we raise beyond our goal, we will either be able to upgrade some of the repairs we already have planned or add entirely new projects to the list!

Thank you for any & all donations.

The offertory donations fund the daily operation of our church. Unfortunately, we have been running on a deficit in recent years due to lowered giving. The church staff has worked hard to downsize spending & get by on minimal funds, but this has led to complications, such as the need for the Renew, Preserve, Grow Campaign. We simply do not have enough coming in & highly value every offertory donation we receive.

The Renew, Preserve, Grow Campaign is specifically for the outlined projects on this site & in it's marketing materials. It is seperate from offertory & both are essential.

As of now, we do plan to give quarterly or bi-annual statements for those who pledge.

The easiest way to give is via credit or debit with an online payment plan. Click here to set one up.

You can also give by cash or check via the front office or by dropping it into the regular offertory basket during mass. Please make sure to enclose any cash in a clearly printed or labeled RPG (Renew, Preserve, Grow) envelope. Please do the same for checks and/or clearly mark the check's notes section with "RPG".

We provide RPG envelopes in multiple leaflet holders in the church commons, as well as, in the church office.

Thank you!

If you still have questions, please email sggGrow@gmail.com.