Ways to Get Involved

We are beyond blessed to have a parish that gives so much of their time, energy, & resources to help our church & community. Thank you for looking for ways to support & follow in Christ's Footsteps.

What we need most right now, is for every single parishioner to make a 3-5 year pledge or donate to the Renew, Preserve, Grow Campaign.
Every little & big bit helps & together we can reach our goal. With God's Blessing, we can even go beyond.

We want everyone to feel a sense of ownership & pride going forward. This truly is our church, our parish, our home, & we all make an investment in it.


At the same time, please continue to give to our weekly offertory. None of our repairs matter if we can't afford to run the church!
Thank you!

Excited to Volunteer?

Currently, our volunteer opportunities for this project are filled.

However, our parish needs volunteers in many other areas outside of this campaign. Click below to find a cause that is right for you. (Check back soon for updates to this section.)